Homeless Community of St. Joseph, MO

They’ve lost their homes they’ve lost their tasks not all most neighborhoods number the homeless at around one percent of their population homelessness impacts males females and kids and is typically dismissed as somebody else’s problem st. Joseph’s is no exception some are fighting mental disorder some have been hit by a sluggish economy or foreclosures others are homeless by option so who makes up our homeless like pappi a lot of the homeless in our town are veterans I broke down and I came in town and I met expense which is black heart I was on the streets with him he’s off the streets now but he’s one of the lucky ones the Veterans Administration reports million veterans are homeless at some point each year in the u.s.

Blackhawk helped Pappy turn his life around which’s often the case banding together to take care of their own however it’s not constantly sufficient how is the city of st. Joseph working to fight homelessness the continuum care union utilizes a multi million dollar federal HUD grant to supply important services to those in requirement it says most of st.

Joseph ´ s homeless face a variety of barriers keeping them on the streets but state the most obvious answer is usually the key to rehab what we need to do truthfully everybody get together in this town begin searching for places to live regional emergency shelters consist of the Salvation Army the YWCA and the cold-weather shelter over 200 individuals remain in long-term supportive real estate sponsored by Catholic Charities and the YW in 2006 community missions open the Haven and then a couple of years later Judah house as soon as housing is found what’s next even with assistance the transition can be challenging the Missouri Department of Mental Health sponsors a program called shelter Plus that program needs the private to participate in therapy and Rehab in exchange for a place to live Andy was on the street for 10 years of his young life got tired of being on the streets simply wish to change it as soon as a desire change but while some wish to change some choose to be homeless with their whole life in a knapsack they live near the river in improvised shelters made of crates or squat illegally in vacant properties why would anyone pick this life for the lake Blackhawk it had to do with the liberty the river was his house and individuals everyone monitors everyone were a tight household but this choice is not without danger we assist each other out and do what we can to keep in just the past year our homeless neighborhood has seen 2 murders several thefts and attacks we’ve come to the conclusion that the idle time of refraining from doing anything is where all of us get in difficulty if we don’t have something to do we will discover something to do it’s not always good catch established a day Center for the homeless to assist incorporate them into the mainstream through a brand-new task called rags to riches the making and selling of rag carpets just for them to watch that transition happen here’s some old rags that were ineffective they were discarding disposed of and that’s become woven back together like they would in society and now beneficial once again and good-looking and and efficient he states the very best way to assist is to have an open mind and an open heart to enjoy on them rather of judge them or attempt to determine why they’re here we’re just attempting to assist them move you understand to anywhere they want to go me to start with I want to become part of the daily working individuals.


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